After a long, arduous process of searching for the right name to represent our creative vision for telling stories we have finally chosen Campfire Creative for the new production company!

Community, warmth, travel, light, and telling stories are all things that come to mind when we think of a campfire. Those just happen to be the aspects that we focus on as well.

It all came together when Justin and I were in Dallas having a brunch with some clients after a long week of filming. A women asked the barista what was in the s'mores coffee and Justin said, "Campfires". A light bulb exploded in my head and I wrote down the word 'campfire' on a piece of paper and slid it over to Justin who's eyes lit up immediately.

During our quest for an identity our graphic designer and marketing specialist Damon Anderson ( gave us some homework to help us along our journey. One of the tasks was to go through the alphabet and write down words that resonate with us for every letter and looking back on it 'camp' and 'fire' and 'creative' were all there. It was meant to be.

Teamwork makes the dreams work. Go Team!