Media Guide of the Year: Valarie Duran

Valarie's incredible imagery and energising smile have earned her Campfire's 2012 Media Guide of the year!  Whether it's early mornings, long days or creating short films in her spare time she always manages to return with beautiful imagery.  Campfire is truly lucky to have her on board and can't wait to put her on a plane for another adventure.  Thanks for all your hard work!!  


Enjoy some of Valarie's stills from Costa Rica 2011 here and Gautemala 2012 here

and videos here:  

Guatemala 2012 Explorer: Adiós Guatemala from Walking Tree Travel on Vimeo.


Valarie Duran attended the University of San Francisco, a school with a mission she truly believes in: “Educating hearts and minds to change the world.” After graduation, she volunteered with the Peace Corps as an English Language teacher to exchange cultures and inspire students. For this program, she is most proud of initiating drama and film clubs for her fourth-eighth grade students to build their confidence and enjoyment of the English language.

Since then, she has worked independently alongside Kontent Films, Remedy Editorial, Redford Center, StageWrite, and many others, including her work with Campfire Creative and Walking Tree Travel. She hopes to continue using her multimedia and theatre skills as tools to inspire and teach children about the world around them.