Welcome to Campfire!  Where imagery, motion and magic come together.  

Our team of highly skilled cinematographers + photographers work across the globe helping our clients tell more engaging stories.  From concept to completion we develop and produce content in order to build a tangible bridge between your message and those who need to hear it. 

We believe every project is unique, so we tailor our services by scale + skill to match our clients needs. No job is too big or too small, so pull up a seat, grab a marshmallow and let's start sharing your story.



Travel is what we do. We’re nomads by nature and spend our time eating, sleeping and breathing the life of a traveler. 

Having shot in over 120 countries, we’ve mastered the art of keeping our productions light and tight, without compromising on quantity or quality.

With this insider knowledge we’re equipped to listen, learn and adapt to the concerns of our customers.




Crafting + creating solutions for global brands is where our directors excel.  We've got talent on every continent, except the really cold one down south.  

We love the pressure of delivering beautiful stories for our clients and working with a variety of teams on multiple platforms.  If you have questions about your next production, drop us line, but until then enjoy some of the work from our best directors.  

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While we thrive on creating engaging imagery, we always strive to give back as and where we can. Our policy at Campfire is to “give while we live”- whether it’s serving at homeless shelters down the road, volunteering in rural clinics in Rwanda, or dropping supplies to orphans in India. 

We’ve formed great relationships with a number of global charities developing their content for fundraising and awareness campaigns.

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